Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy B-day Gabe!

Another birthday in the house. Gabe is turning 8 years old today. He has been counting down the days now for a few months. He is so dang cute! Everyday he talks about getting baptized and that he can't wait to get his own set of scriptures. I can't believe it has been 8 years! Again, I know I say this all the time, but I don't know where the time goes. The kids grow up too fast!

A few facts about Gabe:

  • He likes to be called G-Man
  • He is very caring and concerned about others
  • He loves to play out in the dirt
  • He is very good at his school work, he gets it done as soon as he gets home from school without me asking him to.
  • He loves to ride bikes and race BMX
  • He is a good swimmer
  • He loves to dance crazy! Not a trained dancer, just a crazy dancer
  • He loves his family
  • He loves church and has a testimony of the gospel
  • He is very creative
  • He loves Legos

I could go on and on but I won't. I just want him to know how much we love and appreciate him. I am so glad that he is part of our family and I love him sooooooooo much!

Happy Birthday G-Man!!!


Keli said...

Hey hey hey hapy birth- day!

That's supposed to sound cool.

Love you Gabe!

Kathie said...

Happy Birthday G-man!!!!!

nikkipicky said...

What a blondie! Hope his birthday was amazing!

Anonymous said...

..your kids are such a blessing =)

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ameythest2007 said...

happy birthday!!! more blessing to come...and be a good smart boy always..god bless...

Mahar said...

Happy-birthday chil man

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Arctic Rhino said...

YaaaaaaaaaaaaayYYYYYYYYY G-man way to live long enough to see your birthday!

from 2 cats and a baby.

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Vanessa Ann said...

Your children are absolutely adorable!

strat said...

He deserve that on his birthday. Be a good boy kiddo.
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not2complain said...

Aren't children're never bored! Hope G-man has a great B-day and all have wonderful 2012!

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